This is my homepage; it is the place where I keep and share my interesting links. At least, the links that I find interesting - you might not agree!

I'm quite active in Cryptology, particularly in the era of WW II and The Cold War, and recently attended a Crypto Symposium in Charlotte, NC, USA. Details can be seen here. My own small contributions to this Symposium are here

I have recently done some work on a German-language manual for the Fialka; details are here.

Still on the subject of Cryptography/Cryptology, I would like to mention two U.K. sites, namely Bletchley Park BP and The National Museum of Computing TNMOC both of which are worth visiting, both in terms of their online presences, and in The Real World. They are located near to Milton Keynes.

Now, I'm quite interested in languages, so I often need to use a font different from my English-language default. There are no doubt many font collections around, but one of the best has to be Dr. Berlin's Font Archive, which used to be found here, but seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, there is a mirror here.

In a similar linguistic area, if you want to see what is probably a collection of every single character used by every single language in the world, then try the unicode home page, which is here.

I'm also interested in slide rules; I used to use one many moons ago, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there aren't that many slide rule related sites around. One of the most amazing, though, contains an Interactive Java Slide Rule, and that's here. You'll need Java capability and a reasonably fast link to get the full effect of this one!

Two English-language slide rule collectors' sites are the The Oughtred Society OS and The United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle UKSRC.

Finally, I'm going to put here the address of the United Kingdom Wolf Conservation Trust. I used to be the webmaster for this site, but retired from this particular job some time ago, and passed the job onto somebody with more time and resources. They are here. If you're interested in wolves, give them a try!