During the Crypto Symposium in Charlotte, NC, in 2012, some folks asked me for copies of my software and of my presentations.

So here they all are!

The two presentations which I gave are Computerized Simulation and Monitoring a Fialka. These last two are quite large (around 8MB and 4MB respectively).

Now, for the software, firstly, my Enigma Simulator (in a ZIP file) JEnigmaSim.9.42 and the Instructions for it as a PDF JEnigmaSimInstructions.2.10b.

Next, there is my Tunny Simulator (in a ZIP file) JFish.zip and a Key File JFishKey.txt which must be copied to the root of your C: drive before running the software. I didn't yet get to writing any instructions for this, but I'd be happy to try to answer questions by mail!

Finally, there is Mr V. V. Chernov's Fialka Simulator M125v5_04.zip. At present, there is no manual for this specific version of his simulator, but there is a manual for an older version Fialka Sim Manual. Again, I'd be happy to try to answer questions by mail!